Surface finish

Often, the difference between a good prototype and a great prototype is the finishing. Optional surface finishing are as follows:

Painting (Cosmetic Paint, Non-cosmetic Paint)
One of the biggest advantages for finishing in 101 prototype is painting. 101 prototype owns Anti-dust Spray Painting Room with 4 sets of spray equipments and several senior painting engineers. We can offer rubber painting, Bi-component painting (car painting) and common painting with all kinds of materials, with a series of textures. Any type of paint finishing from either a RAL, PANTONE, INDEX or a color sample: matt, silky, bright, charmille texture, metallic or "soft touch", on plastic or metal parts. Your parts will receive a perfect surface with paint finishing. 

Metallic Plating
Metallic Plating is a kind of surface finish to protect the metal surface from rust. It creates a good appearance and makes plastic parts look like metal parts. We can offer plating on ABS, PMMA, NYLON, PC, Steel, Zinc, Brass and so on.

Anodizing is another kind of surface finish we can offer for aluminum parts to protect surface.

We can also provide perfect surface finish like EMI Shielding, Textures & Mold-Tech® Finishes with Cast-in Capabilities, Hardware (inserts, screws, etc.), Assemblies and so on.



Plastic Painting, Metallic Painting